Motor Parts and Accessories


Paint and Panels

Paint & Panels

We have a well equiped paint mixing facilities that enable us to exacty match the colour you require. P & M Panels only use the best paint products.

ExhaustsWe stock the best in car exhausts - if we don't have it in stock, we will be pleased to order it for you.

Body Shop Supplies

Body Shop Supplies

Masking Tapes, Fine Line Tapes, Masking Paper, Wet And Dry, Sanding Disks (Stick On And Velcro, Scotch Brite, Stack Rags, Dust Masks, Mask Filters, Polishing Cloths, Cleaning Cloths, Steel Wool, Latex Gloves, Paint Remover, Body Filler, Fibrofil Fill, Fibre Glass, Resins, Fibre, Glass, Sealant.

Body Shop Equipment

Body Shop Equipment

Jacks and lifting hear, Welders, Starter chargers, Booster Cables, Power Tools, Electrical Gear, Plumbing Tools, Compressors, Vehicle Service Tools, Towing and Recovery Tools, Socket Sets,Wrenches, Premier Line, Hand Tools,Electrical Tools,Engineering Tools,Lighting, Grinders, Safety Products, Dust Extractors, Tyre Changers,Lathes, Air Tools, Gauges, Bandsaws, Pillar Drills, Janitorial, Heaters, Generators, Cable Reels, Inverters, Shot Blasters, Sack Trucks,Hydraulic Pullers, Cordless Tools, Spray Guns.

Socketry, Specialist Automotive Socketry, Modular Insert Tray System, Spanners and Wrenches, Draper TX-Star and Torx, Torque Wrenches, Draper Power Tools, Stationary Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Welding tools, Compressors, Air Tools, Tool Chests and Roller Cabinets, Tool Trays, Tool Boxes, Tool Bags, Rolls, Pouches and Holsters, Sack Trucks, Pliers and Cutters, Riveters, Screw drivers, Hexagon Keys, Hammers and Tackers, Knifes and Multi-tools.

Hard Parts and Filters

Hard Parts

Coopers filters are produced to a high standard.

* Oil Filters
* Fuel Filters
* Air Filters
* Pollen Filters

Hadrian Panels Wings, Bonnets, Sills, Bumpers, Door Steps, Grills, Front Panels, Rear Panels, Subframes, Cross Members, Floor Pans, Fuel Tanks, Sheet Steel, Door Skins, Wheel Arch Repair Kit ,Slam Panels, Head lamps, Indicators, Rear Lamps and Mirror.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories

Cellulose Thinners, Anti Bloom Thinners, Synthetic Thinners. Panel Wipe Thinner, T-CutEtch Primers, Cellulose Primers, Tyre Black, Chassis Paint, Under Seal, Schutz Stone Chip, Ionised Water, White SpiritTru PartsBrake Cables, Bushes & Links, Clutch Cables Discs & Drums, Door Mirrors, Glow Plugs, Lighting Pads & Shoes, Performance Lights, Side Repeaters, Steering & Suspension Thermostats, Water Pumps, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Cylinders, Wiper Blade and Wishbones.